If you like people, you have a passion for diving and want an extraordinary life, become a PADI Instructor!

PADI instructor be giving you a multitude of opportunities personal and professional so you can develop your future focused on your passion; Diving. Converts now diving into your lifestyle, having opportunity to work in paradises in the world, sharing your passion with people of all cultures, but always with the same interest: immerse yourself in the Big Blue, discover new wonders every day, and transmit your passion to others. Live the excitement of your students feel the satisfaction of making happier to those around you.

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It is divided into two parts:

• Assistant Instructor Course (AI): you learn to organize and supervise dive activities, while you concentrate on the development of teaching techniques.
• Instructor Course (OWSI) introduces you completely in the PADI System of diver education and concentrates on further developing your abilities as a professional dive educator. Since 2013 is mandatory EFR Instructor (EFRI) to be OWSI so the EFRI course is taught along with the course PADI Instructor. For those who are instructors of other organizations in principle it is only necessary to make the OWSI.


Candidates PADI instructor are prepared by Luis Delamar, Director of PADI, while the final evaluation is carried out by the same organization PADI through an Examiner in IE (Instructor Examination) During the IE you will be evaluated on your skills teaching your aquatic skills in dive theory, understanding of the PADI system, your attitude and professionalism.

You can teach PADI Instructor

After becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you will be able to conduct the full range of PADI courses and experiences from the program Discover Scuba Diving (introductory dives) to professional PADI divemaster. You can also choose to perform with the Course Director PADI, several levels of instructor specialty areas of interest include Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox), Deep Diving, Underwater Digital Photography, Provider O2 emergency, gas mixer, side mount, etc.


During the course you will learn how to apply the PADI System Learning to teach-didactic training and trade – learn to sell-. The course content is:

• Complete 9 independent learning sections online through PADI eLearning, or take part in these sections during the IDC:
– Learning, Instruction and the PADI System.
– General Standards and Procedures.
– Risk management.
– Marketing of diving.
– start diving.
– Teaching Specialty Courses PADI Diving.
– The Business of Diving.
– continue diving.
– How to Teach the Recreational Dive Planner (PIR).

• Participate in the 10 IDC curriculum components:
– Orientation Course.
– Developing Knowledge Development Presentations.
– Developing Knowledge Development Presentations.
– Confined Water Teaching.

• Conduct Open Water Dives.
– General Standards and Procedures.
– Open Water Diver Course.
– Adventures in Diving Program.
– Rescue Diver Course.
– Divemaster Course.
– Risk management.

• Perform three presentations of the development of knowledge on error theory.
• Perform four academic presentations of water confined in any way.
• Perform two academic presentations integrated open water of any course (two years).
• Run the 24 diving exercises Assessment Techniques, obtaining a minimum score required
• Review of PADI System Standards and Procedures.
• Test Theory diving.
• Perform a swimming wearing a mask, snorkel and fins without stopping 800 meters.


To access the course IDC must:
• Have PADI divemaster certification or be in possession of a certification level leadership of another organization recreational diver training may be:
• Have proof of CPR and First Aid within last 24 months (EFR, Red Cross, etc) and must provide a photocopy of diploma
• Be certified as Emergency First Response Instructor or equivalent He simultaneously performed during the IDC
• Be at least 18 years old
• be certified as a diver for at least six months
• Present a medical certificate expressly stated ‘fit for diving’, signed by a physician within the last 12 months


Pre IDC training – 250 €
Assistant Instructor Open Water Scuba Instructor & – 990 €
EFR Instructor – 250 €
PADI TBM (5 Instructor Specialties) – 250 €
PADI OWSI rates and EFRI – 796 €
PADI MSDT rates – 976 €
Pack IDC + EFR – 995 € + € 796 PADI Fees
Pre Pack IDC + IDC + EFRI + TBM – € 1250 + € 976 PADI Fees
PADI IDC Crewpack 390 €
PADI IDC Touch – 125 €
Accommodation in shared room 10 days – 150 €

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