Both divers and non-divers, Emergency First Response or First Aid course, will give you the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to respond to emergency situations in a relaxed and upbeat environment, in order to acquire the confidence to act in these scenarios, whatever the scenario.
Prevention and treatment of shoks, injury management spinal management of major bleeding, use of automated external defibrillator (AED), mastery of CPR techniques and rescue breaths to non – professional level, or use of barriers to reduce transmission disease are just a few examples of the techniques and knowledge that this course will offer you so you can offer your help to others, you find yourself diving or not.

Emergency First Response is the course you need if your goal is to take the Rescue Diver program, if you want to be able to help in a medical emergency or if you are involved in adventure sports.

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Firs Emergency Response The program requires no prerequisite, or age, or knowledge, just your desire to learn and be able to help in emergencies.
Have at least 10 years old.
Be in possession of a certification in recreational diving.

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