Still you have not breathed underwater? Do you not know the feeling of “floating through a sea of ​​possibilities”? Are you sick of them tell the fascinating world of diving? Marks a point already part and Discover it for yourself!
The baptism of diving is your first dive that you will experience, safely and under the supervision of an instructor, new sensations unknown to you. Although not a certified course, you will learn, in a very relaxed way, the basic knowledge you begin to have control over your breathing, your buoyancy and your underwater movement. And most importantly, you will discover whether or not you like to be able to evolve in your diving techniques.
Do not hesitate, and dive into new experiences!

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Tener al menos 10 años de edad.
Completar un certificado médico ser elegible para declarar actividades submarinas
Tener conocimientos básicos de natación

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